Variation of rises

Spitzenschue-Osteredition 2021

Me and my pointshoes

Pumpkin Ballerina

Proud to be a dancer

Release 2021

My better half

Wonderful dancer of Oz

Edition red, white, black

Aus den Augen eines Kindes
Fondu Lover 2021
Ballonrina 2020
Let it go 2020
Patterns of Dance 2020
Streets of Miami 2020

(Graffiti: Andre Trenier)

Meet me under the mistletoe

Weihnachtsedition 2019
Weihnachtsedition 2019
Tanz in München 2019

The creative adult is the child who survived

Dance Teacher 2019
On pointe, with Licuala Cordata 2019
White swan 2019
Black swan 2019

Keep your head high and your battemen higher.

Grand battement 2020


If they say you can’t, do it, do it twice and take pics.

Arabesque 2020
Blumenkreis Spitzenschuh 2020
Sukkulent Ballerina 2019
Magnolien Tänzerin 2019